Enabling VCS organisations to compete for European funding

This TA project is designed to: enable VCS organisations to compete for ESF funding; improve the quality of relevant services delivered by VCS providers funded by ESF; provide strategic support to the VCS (ESF programme wide intelligence) and; provide basic operational level support (for example, practical guidance around set up management and monitoring) to ensure that if they were successful in an application for ESF funding, they would have the necessary knowledge and processes to manage their projects effectively and compliantly.

Commsortia & Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire staff, working together, will deliver the work of the project to a wide range of VCS organisations across Northamptonshire.

Activities will work towards these main areas of support:

Promoting Quality and Contract Performance within Community Provision

This could include:

  • Working towards a relevant Quality Marks
  • Developing a self assessment / impact report
  • Developing relevant organisational policies
  • Developing better awareness of the strategic policy context
  • Applying for funding and support for developing applications
  • Implementing equality and diversity
  • Effective Partnership working / brokerage
  • Addressing ESF cross cutting themes
  • Record Keeping
  • Claims
  • Financial systems
  • Marketing
  • Business planning
  • Quality project delivery

Method of delivery

  • Workshop / group training and information sessions
  • Organisational healthcheck against European funding criteria
  • Briefing papers and information bulletins
  • Website
  • Telephone and email support
  • One to one advice

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