The SPA was commissioned, initially as a pilot, to address local issues in Delayed Transfers of Care (DToCs) in the two acute hospitals in the summer of 2016. The Northamptonshire Discharge Single Point of Access (SPA) project was established to create a multidisciplinary hub where health, social care and voluntary partners could work collectively to support and facilitate patient needs in order to remain or return home after an admission to Hospital. 

It has created a multi-disciplinary single approach to managing people being discharged home from acute hospitals, with complex care needs; however the model must be viewed as a first step for the creation of a centralised hub across a whole local system.

Two Commsortia partners who had some experience in working in the hospitals, Age UK and Carers, and who already had working relationships established, have provided a VCSE presence in the SPA, with the eventual intention of broadening the involvement of, and access to Commsortia members and broader VCSE sector.