Your Voice on Social Wellbeing


Thank you for your interest in helping to shape Social Wellbeing services in Northamptonshire.

You’ll find below a choice of three different discussions to participate in. You can choose one or more discussion board, provided you feel they are relevant to you.

We’ve started by adding a few questions to get you thinking about what to discuss. Feel free to add anything else you want to ask other people. The discussion in this forum will be used by Commsortia and its members to make decisions on Social Wellbeing services within Northamptonshire.   

If you would like to attend one or more of our workshops to look at shaping Social Wellbeing in the county please email us at: 

These will be held on the following dates 

·         Support for Older People - Mon 20th November 2017 at the William Knibb Centre, Kettering

·         Adults with Disabilities - Tues 21st November 2017 at The Hind Hotel, Wellingborough

·        Housing and Welfare  - Thurs 23rd November 2017 at Far Cotton REC, Northampton

During the discussion please consider language and avoid language that might be provocative or upsetting to other users.

If you need support in participating in this forum please get in touch using the email address above.

Participants can pick from one or more of the discussions they want to participate in.


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